George Denninger
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Budding Thought

Our personality seems to be formed more or less by our personal history, every day bringing new joys and trials that add to the texture of what we call us. If we believe this claim, we have many reasons and excuses for why we are the way we are.

The lower two thirds of the painting is very busy, filled with the thoughts of this personal history, represented here by two types of figures: sharp triangular shapes enfolding upon themselves, symbolizing life’s difficulties (pain, disappointments, etc.); and botanical shapes representing good experiences, hopes, and desires springing skyward. It would seem that there is no escape from this recurring pattern of human experience, but there is a still small voice (conscience) calling on us to break the cycle. Personal sense rebels, but we must know the why and wherefore of our identity! On the far left, one stem that is flat and uninteresting within the shell has broken through and become full-bodied. This bloom of morning yellow is beginning to open. Another stands beside it facing back toward the horizon, and four other dark buds appear to have broken through the shallow shell. These represent promises not yet realized.

From here one might think that they are free, “the sky’s the limit”, but the sky is crude and painterly - not at all what we desire when we pray. However, right above the opening yellow bud is a faint aura. This is what we seek, and it only appeared when the bud opened. It is not yet disclosed to us what it is or does, but it is what we want to know. Here is where I stand knowing that Truth is right here waiting for me to understand . . . and little by little, I do.

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